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How Will Artificial Intelligence Change The Future Of Hiring And Recruiting?

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The Future Of Hiring

The Future Of Hiring

Artificial intelligence is, by all accounts, here to stay. It is making serious inroads in 2018 and is coming to a business near you in the near future. With revenues from AI expected to reach $59.8 billion by 2025, according to a report by Tractica, this task-reducing technology can and will make your work responsibilities easier.

One of the ways that AI is expected to reduce the workload for employees is by making the mundane tasks of hiring and recruiting easier. Because the technology can automate many of the responsibilities that are time consuming and arduous for workers, AI is expected to be a faster and more efficient alternative for companies to employ as a part of their HR efforts.

Fourteen members of Forbes Coaches Council share how they expect AI to change the hiring and recruiting practices in the near future, whether by making the overall process faster and more efficient, by reducing bias or by shifting the traditional role and duties of hiring managers.

1. Hire Faster And Smarter

Bots will be able to scan and identify the top resumes in a batch of applicants, scheduling will be an automated process and natural language processing will allow for a more responsive candidate experience. Behavioral and situational interview assessments will leverage AI and predictive analytics to capture both quantitative and qualitative data to ensure the right match. – Leanne Wong,MC Partners

2. Offer More Time For What Matters

AI technologies will continue to alter and streamline the way people apply for jobs and get hired, fast-tracking resume screening, reducing human bias, and creating efficiencies. Ultimately, these process improvements will enable recruiters more time to focus on the human side of things — because human connections are, and will always be, a critical component to retaining top employees. –Adrienne Tom, Career Impressions

3. Allow For More Thoughtful Recruiting

Humans only have so much time and bandwidth, and AI is already filling that gap effectively in a way we’ve never seen. Systems like Mya can interview and follow up with candidates, meaning we have unprecedented communication channels in the hiring process that simply couldn’t exist previously. Combine that with advances in keyword matching and perception, and it’s a fine-tuned recruiting system. – Laura DeCarlo, Career Directors International

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Article Credit: Forbes

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