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The Day When the Industrial IoT Gets Hacked

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iot hacked

iot hacked

Iot hacked -The more devices that get connected to the industrial internet of things (IIoT) networks, the more that those networks get hacked and attacked. Cyberattacks of all kinds used to be directed mostly at IT networks but not anymore. Many of today’s attackers are going after the industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) side of the IIoT.

Here, the threats are potentially larger and much more damaging, from ransomware demands to industrial espionage to altering production process code that can change industrial robot safety levels, affect product contents and manufacturing yields, or even cause massive damage.

We break down those attacks and attackers in “Real-life Industrial IoT Cyberattack Scenarios.” To tackle this complex topic, we turned to Ann R. Thryft, the industrial control & automation designline editor at EE Times, who has pioneered our coverage of cybersecurity on the OT side.

Why are these attacks happening more often? Because of a perfect storm of major differences between IT and OT environments. We examine the elements of that storm in “What Makes the IIoT So Vulnerable to Cyberattacks?.”

From the design engineer’s point of view, effective cybersecurity for ICS and everything else in a firm’s IIoT comprises two different but related efforts:

  • On one hand, designing security into an embedded device that forms all, or part of, an IIoT endpoint
  • On the other hand, acquiring and managing cybersecurity technology that protects those devices as they are manufactured in the engineer’s company and as they, and other IIoT devices, are deployed on the company’s factory floor and throughout the plant

In “Designers’ Guide to IIoT Security,” Nitin Dahad, an EE Times European correspondent, addresses the first effort by explaining basic security concepts and design considerations for embedded devices.

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