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The company MPS selects IFS Applications 9

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The leading supplier in the medical industry selects IFS Applications to better manage business processes using integrated software for businesses

IFS, the global enterprise software company, announces that the company MPS – one of the leading distributors in the medical and pharmaceutical industry in Saudi Arabia – will implement IFS Applications ™. This initiative will centralize activities and facilitate the distribution of dental products and medicines, and will make decisions in real time.

The current, not updated software already used in the company MPS will be replaced by IFS – integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP). It will assist in the processes related to supply chain and magazines, and support key business processes related to financial reporting, human resources, payroll, after-sales service and customer relationship management (CRM). The system will also provide a portal for customers of the MPS, through which they can monitor the implementation of orders.

“We chose IFS Applications because of ergonomic and easy-to-use interface and support functions to manage key business processes of our company. The advanced functionality of the system will enable us to consolidate operations, optimize processes and, as importantly, provide our customers with ongoing access to information, “- said Bashir Shakib Al Jabri, CEO of MPS.

“Due to the extensive experience, extensive cooperation with customers from all over the world and expanding into Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region felt that IFS will give us the right enterprise software company,” – said Bashir Shakib Al Jabri.

IFS can boast a number of successful deployments in enterprises medical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Recently teamed up with businesses AIC Steel Alyaf and BRC, which operate in the area of ​​Saudi Arabia.

“We are very pleased with the growing interest in the latest version of our ERP – IFS Applications. We are pleased to be working with MPS and help consolidate operations and streamline business processes in the face of the development of its network of customers, “- said Ian Fleming, Managing Director, IFS Middle East, South Asia & Africa.



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