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Teradata: The 7 Pillars Of Big Data Culture

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The world of big data analytics and data science can be fascinating but over-hyped in equal measure. But what if we could summarize the seven key ‘cultural elements’ of big data that express how firms should culturally curate and embrace the potential business advantages that are on offer.

Woolly & hackneyed notions

The problem with firms playing in the big data analytics space is the seemingly infectious predilection they have for talking about these (arguably) woolly and hackneyed notions they call business outcomes, so-called ‘business transformation’ and this thing known as the ‘customer journey’. Database and data services company Teradata pretty much has that problem too – you’d be worried (and possibly disappointed) if it didn’t – but there is grease beneath the gloss and real meaning if you scratch hard enough.

Hiding behind a series of product, service and licensing strategy announcements made recently, it is possible to triple-distill a seven point plan for looking not at big data databases and their analytics engines as such… but at the cultural trends that define where effective big data is happening in the workplace.

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