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Ten ‘things’ of note about IoT and smart lighting services

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10. Certainly there are lot of factors to consider in a business model that hinges on lighting services and further development of IoT technology. Aurora Group’s IoT boss Neil Salt has discussed with our own Mark Halper the business and technology challenges posed by this field.

9. LumiFi’s Beatrice Witzgall echoed this theme in an article for LEDs Magazine, in which she suggested the need to recast the supply chain roles and responsibilities in the lighting industry now that IoT is on the menu.

8. Indoor positioning systems are popping up now and hopefully will prove out their value to big retail customers. Halper recently reported that US retail giant Target said it will installed lighting-based IPS at nearly 1000 stores by Christmas.

7. While technologies such as ZigBee, Z-wave, visible light communication, and Power over Ethernet — to name just a few — can support commercial smart lighting schemes across broad spaces such as retailers, warehouses, and office buildings, many lighting vendors have been counting on Bluetooth. Some vendors think the new Bluetooth mesh standard will kick off a commercial smart lighting bonanza.

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Article Credit:LEDs Magazine


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