A comprehensive and customizable ERP demo template to help you score each vendor presentation

ERP demo template

Sample ERP demonstration score sheet

Your name

Date of demonstration

Name of ERP system shown

Name(s) of presenters

Rank each feature from 1 to 5 on how well it meets your requirements in that area, according to this scale:

1. is completely ineffective to meet this requirement

2. possibly could meet this requirement with customizations

3. meets this requirement at a minimum level

4. adequately meets this requirement

5. a perfect fit for this requirement

Key ERP requirement #1 (define this requirement clearly)


What are your reservations?

Why did you give this rank?

(Repeat above section for all main ERP requirements)

Further questions

Was the presentation well planned and carried out professionally? Why do you think so?

Was the time devoted to our key points? Which points were given too little or too much time?

Was too much time used on anything other than our key points?

What other comments do you have regarding this demo?


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