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Are telcos’ customers expecting too much of IoT connectivity techs?

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Some customers are expecting more than can be realistically delivered with licensed spectrum Internet of Things connectivity technologies, a major European telco has warned.

Suggesting that customers’ expectations about what can be achieved with the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology must be managed, Deutsche Telekom’s Jens Olejak said: “We have some customers, large customers, who expect they can use NB-IoT for constant locating of objects.

“We’ve been talking to these customers, telling them, ‘Guys, you have to change some of these parameters. All three in conjunction don’t work.'”

Olejak’s remarks came as part of a panel discussion at Tuesday’s LPWA conference in London on the broad topic of what telcos have learned from deploying low-powered wide area network (LPWAN) technology. He was referring to the typical demands of Deutsche Telekom’s customers from their IoT equipment: namely, ability to communicate with the network from an indoor location, running from a “small” battery and with a lifespan of at least 10 years.

He added that the telco was always upfront with its customers, advising them it was using “pre-commercial” modules.

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