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Technology Now and the Future

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Technology Now and the Future

As we become a world of change, we must embrace a life where robots and technology will become our future. However, what can we fo endure that we are capable to welcome a new world? Change can sometimes be good as well it can be disruptive to our environment. Therefore it is our duty to make that we are able to live and be able to not suffer too much at the technology and the infrastructure that we will have to support our everyday operations, whether this be with the companies or industries that would normally create jobs to help and develop communities and the country which we may live or the business that may be s global organization. So as companies further grow and develop they must also make sure they are not totally eliminating Jobs, that people need to support their families. Change is eminent however hanging organizations totally dependent on robots can affect employment and other things.

Technology along with robotics must create opportunities for individuals. From time to companies are researching ways how to save money, sometimes the person who suffers the most is the lesser income groups. With that being said organizations can offer their employees opportunities to go back to school and learn new careers instead of leaving their staffs in a position that they become a burden to themselves, their families and society;

Brian D. W. Johnson

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