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Techies reskill to log on to big data deluge

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BENGALURU: Skills in data visualisation, data science and machine learning are among the most valued for technology recruiters today. This is because of the humongous amount of digital data being generated nowadays – companies’ need to glean insights from them, present them in ways that are easily understandable, and also make predictions.

This is being reflected in the number of working professionals signing up for specialised courses in these spaces. Candidates, who complete the courses, tend to get between 20% and 50% increase in salaries. Kashyap Dalal, chief business officer at online learning platform Simplilearn, says big data and analytics courses were the big growth drivers in the past three years.

While data science continues to remain popular, accounting for 30% of all learners, courses on visualisation tools and machine learning have become very attractive over the past six months, he says. Almost 25% of Simplilearn’s applicants have opted for machine learning.

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