Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Technology keeps changing with time, and a good entrepreneur keeps up with the pace of new tech trends. For example, analytics is essential today in business, but it was not so a few years back. Likewise, many new trends are emerging on the scene which can be very useful to provide momentum to your business in 2019.

Let’s unfold what these trends actually are and how they can effectively push your business to success.

1. Social Media Marketing

It is wrong to say that social media is in trend nowadays. It goes beyond just a trend. Quite literally, marketing on social forums goes viral as similar to a dense forest catches fire. Engagement on the platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is unreal. Here are some perks and privileges of social media:

  • It raises brand awareness in no time.
  • Increases website traffic which ultimately goes on to improve your rank in search engines.
  • Through social media, you always remain in touch with your customers. Hence, you can take first-hand feedback from them. This will bring you a very long way if implied rightly.

2. Remote Workforce

Gone are the days when managers could see their every single worker laboring under their nose. The influx of remote workforce has caused a change in these dynamics. Smart businesses are turning to the remote workforce for mainly two reasons:

  • Remote costs dramatically cut your losses. You no longer have to hire expensive offices on rent. Since there are no offices, you don’t have to pay your hard-earned money at their security, maintenance or other equipment.
  • Modern day workers prefer flexible hours. Millennial don’t subscribe to a strict routine. Working in “9 AM to 5 PM” shift simply is not their cup of tea. Hence, the turnover of employees will also be at its minimum.

3. Optimizing Content for Voice Search

A high percentage of technology users shifting from text searches to voice search. It is a clear indication of how technology is changing. The voice search is becoming a go-to method for mobile users to search their desired queries. Since mobile users are growing leaps and bounds in numbers, there is no doubt that your optimized search content will help you to rank higher in search engines.

On top of that, the voice search software is continuously improving which is another sign that this medium will only see a rise in the future. “Hey Siri” feature introduced by iPhone is the latest example in this case.

4. 5G Connection

5G is undoubtedly talk-of-the-town in 2019 due to its multiple advanced features. However, its high frequency tops them all. In a fast-paced atmosphere where you have to send and receive dozens of files, play high-quality videos then slow internet connection is the last thing you would want to be part of your professional atmosphere. It will make you more connected than ever.

5. Crowd Writer

This company is comprised of very skillful workers. If your brand is not able to catch as much attention through the website or social media, the company will let you know where you are going wrong. Many business firms frequently turn to CrowdWriter to iron out their business-associated problems, and they are dealt very professionally. The company enjoys an extraordinary reputation among business tycoons.

6. Video Marketing

Video marketing has brought a revolution in the marketing world. Instead of reading written content, which requires a studied posture, people prefer to go for videos because they can see them on the move. Background music, effects, and animations all these things make videos a better engaging entity for viewers.

A whopping, 61 percent of businesses bring videos as their primary marketing weapon. Since video generates more viewership, social forums also give importance to visual stuff as compared to others. So their users spend as much time on social media as possible.

7. Introduce Chatbot

Chatbots are demanded by various organizations nowadays. It provides easy access to users if they want to engage with your brand. Usage of chatbot is generally more popular among Millennial. The figure further supplements this statement that 65 percent of the US millions would like to engage with online robotic chats.

We see machine learning chatbots at many business websites. Make no mistake. AI is different from machine learning. So these chatbots are designed in such a way that they can learn through the inputs given to them.

8. The Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is responsible for a paradigm shift in technology. This technology offers you the highest efficiency and gives you access to shared resources. Service of cloud computing is based on three models: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Consider, if a company is looking for an impeccable cost-effective storage service, the cloud covers this aspect. Besides, if a company is facing the problem of connectivity due to many geographical locations, the cloud proves to be an efficient solution to the dilemma too. The service leaves absolutely no loophole in the collaboration and in the age of remote workforce this technology keeps you connected with workers from all the geographically diverse corners of the world.

By Stella Lincoln

Stella Lincoln is the mom of two cute girls. She has worked for famous AustralianMaster as a marketing manager. The author has her personal blog Educator House where she writes on the topics which fall under management, lifestyle, education, and entrepreneurship. Stella is fond of pets.

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