Takeaways From RightScale State
Takeaways From RightScale State

RightScale, the multi-cloud management company, has published their annual report on the state of the cloud adoption. For the last few years, RightScale has been surveying a large number of cloud users to find patterns related to adoption and usage among enterprises and small and medium businesses. The report has gained credibility primarily due to the representation from large organizations that have been cloud users along with beginners who are still testing the waters.

Here are the key takeaways from the report.

1.Multi-cloud strategy is becoming a reality

Majority of the public cloud customers are spreading their investments across multiple cloud providers. When compared to last year, hybrid usage is shrinking – 51 percent in 2018 vs. 58 percent in 2017. The intent to use various public clouds is increased by three percent.

2.Public cloud continues to grow among enterprises

Though enterprises are still investing in private cloud, the interest is gradually moving towards the public cloud. Public cloud usage has increased by 7 percent when compared to 2017. The plans to build and maintain a private cloud is declining. The move towards public cloud has also impacted the usage of hybrid cloud.

3.Majority of the container workloads are running on AWS

When it comes to containers, AWS customers seem to lead the adoption. Whether it is plain Docker, self-hosted Kubernetes, or managed offerings such as Amazon ECS/EKS, most of the workloads are running on Amazon EC2. Though Azure and Google are increasing their containers as a service (CaaS) revenue, AWS is leading the pack.

4.Kubernetes is the most preferred container orchestration tool among enterprises

When it comes to container orchestration tools, it is Kubernetes that’s winning the market. At least 38 percent of enterprises mentioned that are considering Kubernetes as a container management tool. The other players mostly have a single digit adoption rate.

5.Cost and usage optimization are the critical goals for enterprise IT

Across the board, cloud users are focused on optimizing cost and cloud usage. Cost optimization is the top concern for both SMBs and enterprises. Even among enterprise central IT teams, who typically have the most responsibility for security, there has been a significant decline in security concerns among this group. They are now considering optimization as the key concern.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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