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Take it slow when planning a move to cloud based ERP software

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Everyone is doing it, or at least thinking about doing it — migrating to cloud-based ERP software, that is. According to preliminary survey results from market research firm Mint Jutras, 67% of respondents from manufacturing, distribution and service companies of all sizes said they would consider cloud software-as-a-service ERP as an option for a new deployment. And more than half — 51% — said SaaS ERP was their first choice.

But moving your enterprise applications to the cloud doesn’t automatically simplify ERP, especially in the case of a hybrid cloud and on-premises architecture, which is an increasingly common setup. Simplicity can be deceptive.

Cindy Jutras, president of Mint Jutras, based in Windham, N.H., recently heard a manufacturer lament a whirlwind six-week implementation of cloud-based ERP software that ended with problems. “He said, ‘We did it too fast. We didn’t understand all that we were doing.’ You can’t just jump in blindly,” Jutras cautioned.

The cloud equivalent of “slamming in” a system, such ultra-fast migrations don’t allow time to evaluate business processes to see what could be done better under the new system. A shortened time frame also does not leave time for other critical project steps, including gathering requirements and ensuring user buy-in.

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