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Influence marketing is an art of convincing but you must not forget that the goals can’t be achieved overnight, furthermore the marketing scenario is been changed now and people are more fascinated to read online contents and follow other users recommendations , the time has gone now when people used to turn newspaper pages and hunt channels over the television, so  here we can say that influence marketing is a new business practice that most of the companies are adapting nowadays to plump up their business to get more market revenue, so it could be you the next influence marketer of a social platform ,but in this fast forwarding world try not to get webbed among deceiver and work only for those who are reliable to you as well as your listeners, secondly becoming an influencer is not something that can be achieved on having a bang list of followers , even with fewer followers from 1000 to 10000 you can be a micro influence marketer.

Here are the some super easiest steps to become an influence marketer

#choose your niche

Choosing your area of expertise is extremely favourable as it’ll be followed by you working constantly and will always clutch your interest and investment towards it.there are tons of variety to work on still it’s better to go with your own taste and some added flavour of marketing tactics and propaganda. 

#boom your reach

Booming audience reach is the necessity of influence marketing, the more rapid you are at achieving peak audience on your social platform equivalently sleek it will become to campaign products and brands on you wall,moreover approaching audience with the same taste as of yours will help your flourish more,and in case if your aren’t reaching to audience there’s no way out to become a successful influence marketer.

#audience engagement

audience engagement is major prospect of influence marketing, for this try using hashtags while posting so people can find you plus maintain healthy relationship with the audience as they are the creator of your brand,tend to communicate with people who share thoughts and reply on your feed, and try not to get into disputes over the platform with worthless plunderers. 

#maintain consistency

The next step after audience engagement is maintaining consistency while posting, as people are more likely to get attached with constant bloggers but chief focus should be on audience’s grind, their pursuit and must be meaningful, but try not to get drowned in dripping engagement and end up posting weird contents on your wall, it simply means maintain decorum of your page or wherever you are getting engaged with the audience plus have a good taste of audience preference.

#specify your brand

It’s something related to your niche that help people to get you know more about you or your area of work ,the variety of content you share and the hot talk of your page must be one.

#through shootouts

It will boost your follower’s interest on who’s getting the next shoutout on your page, plus try regular contest and let people guess the winner, this will make your profile more public and help you get more and more and more followers every next falling day.

#multiple platforms

Stay active on multiple platform and diversify your content plus ask people to turn on notification and then leverage your profile with visually alluring graphics and content it will help you endorse your popularity and people will start searching you, during the starting tenure it’s quiet hard to gather followers, so for this fetch those personalities or pages with piles of followers and get yourself featured on their page so people could notice you more often and start following your page.

#create a business profile

Business profile help you to know better how farther u had come and at what level your business is ranging, it also maintains the diplomacy of your business account.

# precise bio

Bio is far more important than the above listed tactics as it automatically invites followers without much utterance but keep in mind it should be much brief and catchy so it could easily convey your people who you are actually and what you do.

#add graphics

Adding graphics on your page and feeds with automatically engage audience and boom abundant of visitors. Bright images with add on graphics will definitely uphold the visitor’s interest.

#start collaborating

Collaborating with public idea and people over the same platform help you get more followers and thus it can possibly turn you into an influencing personality,


You have seen different stories on instagram facebook , youtube channels the handlers of these account keeps on sharing their day to day routine and the lump sum works of outing ,eating , celebrating and thus clutches the interests of on lookers so they could not loose them, the handles use this tactic of sharing stories meanwhile they are gearing on their next feed , they use frequent story posting and adding it to highlights so the people stays engaged with their account.

#start sponsoring

Sponsoring can be paid and unpaid as well, now days handlers ask for paid sponsorship but being new to the industry try promoting for free and reach to greater extent of audience, you can even ask for collaboration and one to one promotion.

#be authentic

This should be your top priority, the more echt and unique you’ll be equivalently compelling and powerful impact you’ll  leave on your audience irrespective of the number of followers you have, work only with the genuine brands and share only real and authentic aspects of particular and this authenticity will enhance your growth provoke higher credibility to your account.

By Sohel Ather

Sohel Ather is Guest blogger; He focuses on actionable and unique ideas that can be used to grow your business and make a real difference for your customers.

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