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SuiteCRM: An Open Source CRM Takes Aim At Salesforce

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SuiteCRM-SuiteCRM is one of the most popular open source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software available. With its unique-priced managed CRM hosting service, SuiteCRM is aiming to challenge enterprise CRMs like Salesforce.

SuiteCRM: An Open Source CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is used by businesses to manage the interaction with customers, keep track of services, supplies and other things that help the business manage their customers.

SuiteCRM came into existence after the hugely popular SugarCRM decided to stop developing its open source version. The open source version of SugarCRM was then forked into SuiteCRM by UK-based SalesAgility team.

In just a couple of years, SuiteCRM became immensely popular and started to be considered the best open source CRM software out there. You can gauge its popularity from the fact that it’s nearing a million download and it has over 100,000 community members. There are around 4 million SuiteCRM users worldwide (a CRM software usually has more than one user) and it is available in several languages. It’s even used by the National Health Service (NHS) in UK.

Since SuiteCRM is a free and open source software, you are free to download it and deploy it on your cloud servers such as UpCloud (we at It’s FOSS use it), DigitalOceanAWS or any Linux server of our own.

But configuring the software, deploying it and managing it a tiresome job and requires a certain skill level or the services of a sysadmin. This is why business-oriented open source software provides a hosted version of their software.

This enables you to enjoy the open source software without the additional headache and the team behind the software has a way to generate revenue and continue the development of their software.

Suite: OnDemand – Cost-effective managed hosting of SuiteCRM

So, recently, SalesAgility – the creators/maintainers of SuiteCRM, decided to challenge Salesforce and other enterprise CRMs by introducing Suite:OnDemand , a hosted version of SuiteCRM.

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