Sun. Mar 21st, 2021

In this third part of the manufacturing ERP series, we turn our attention to IFS, which has a stronger focus on IoT than others in the same market.

IFS is a Swedish manufacturing ERP software firm with a strong presence in asset-intensive industries (e.g., aviation, pipelines, oil & gas, etc.). The company has been around for quite some time but has been on a major re-invention journey the last few years. At its recent user conference, the company demonstrated a number of IoT capabilities as well as R&D efforts to incorporate drone and other technologies into their ERP solutions.

When I heard IFS executives speak at their October 2016 user conference, I didn’t fully appreciate the thought they’d put into their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) designs. I heard many, many IFS executives expound on how IoT impacted certain industries (e.g., pipeline management, aviation, mining, etc.). They clearly understood a number of differences between the Industrial and Consumer IoT worlds, too.

In preparing this update, I reviewed the 130+ slide images I took at that event.  A significant number of these involved IoT and how IFS software would use sensor data to drive value for its asset intensive customers. I now realize that IFS may be much further along in:

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