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State of Cloud Manufacturing ERP – Part 1, change is upon us

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Within verticals, it seems everyone has a cloud ERP solution for service firms and omni-channel retailers.  But, what’s going on in the Manufacturing ERP space? In this first of six part series, Brian Sommer provides a macro market deep dive to set the stage.

Grab your favorite beverage – there’s a lot in here to digest as we dive deep into the mega trends occurring in Manufacturing ERP.

A review of recent news/briefings indicates the following:

  • End of an eraKenandy CEO, Chuck Berger, explained how firms are tired of changing their processes and business practices to fit their ERP. Older systems may have triggered some firms to change poor processes but they also forced a lot of companies to adopt processes that vendors designed, not the ones used by (or desired by) those same businesses. More malleable ERP solutions, particularly those built on open and tailorable platforms, are the future. Plex’s Andrew McCarthy echoed these sentiments.
  • Single-Tenancy yielding to better cloud technology – For a time, manufacturers found few options out there in the cloud unless one counts hosted solutions. Those hosted solutions were mostly older on-premises products running in single-tenancy on someone’s public cloud. Even these application software quasi-cloud firms have gotten the religion of late and have started to incorporate machine learning, multi-tenancy and more into their product lines. Microsoft has done a lot to facilitate these evolutionary changes. Older product lines are in flux today and their vendors are still trying to catch up to pure-play cloud ERP products from Plex, Kenandy and Rootstock to name a few.

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