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How to start a freelance writing business which will Generate $3000 a month?

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start a freelance writing business

start a freelance writing business

Start a freelance writing business – Just over a year earlier, I was resting at a job I hated, wondering how would I escape.I was stressed out, worn, underpaid, as well as continuously dealing with workplace politics. After that, I suddenly got fired. The exact same day my wife’s contract finished at the SAME office.

Hard isn’t it?

However, I selected to use this hard time as a possibility to do what I had ALWAYS wanted to do:

End up being self-employed as a freelance writer.

It worked!!

Within 2 months after getting discharged, I had my initial $3,000/month– all from freelance writing clients. Even though I was broke, unaware about freelancing, and had NO university level (still do not!). Today, I’m running my freelance writing business from my home.

I currently Make my own job schedule, Choose my own clients, JUST handle jobs I take pleasure in.

Big improvement, right?

That was enough for a backdrop for you in order to know how I ended up here.

Now the big question. How I am making $3000/Month from freelance writing business?

Step 1 – I searched for networks where I could get Freelancing Jobs

There are a plethora of networks you can find to get jobs if you do a simple google search. But how many are genuine jobs were there I would say a few. Now I was able to find genuine Jobs but they were not giving enough money. With genuine, you need to find  High paid Jobs. I will tell you my secret Writing here)

I am not endorsing them. I am just the happiest user of them. I have made a pretty penny while working for them. I suggest at least you try it for free.

Step 2 – Delivery of work

Now as English Natives it’s not hard for us to write but Writing for someone for which you are getting paid is a far cry from the general writing. Initially, I felt overwhelmed because of the amount of the Jobs I was getting from Writing (Click here to get Jobs)

But then I planned to work smartly. Instead of getting overwhelmed I promised my self that I will write 3 articles a day for 5 days a Week. Which is 15 articles and that was all.

3 articles a day might seem tough but believe me write on a topic which you know and read more on that will help you a lot in the long run.

A successful business is nothing but finding the demand and supplying what it needs. 

I gave you a place to decipher demand  Writing (Click here to get Jobs)You just need to supply the valuable content to the people who want them.

That’s How I start a freelance writing business which will Generate $3000 a month.

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