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A good software development agreement regulates the relationship between you – the custom software developer – and your customers. It also protects your intellectual property rights when you are employed to develop software and applications on behalf of a customer, and defines the terms of use, price, and payment for your work.

Your contract will be a good document to use if things don’t go as planned. It can be clear from your software development agreement that if your customer terminates it, you have the right to charge for the work done so far. It can also limit the guarantees of your work and limit your overall liability in the event of a problem.

A good software development agreement often includes terms that prevent your customers from hiring your employees outside of your business.

A new project, new contract

Every time you develop and implement new software projects and applications for a customer, you need a new contract. A good starting point is to buy a template for high quality software development and then align it again and again with the specific features of each new project. If you need a very personal contract, you can save a lot of legal costs by starting from a base contract.

To save money in the long term, many software developers invest in software development contracts that come with other useful legal documents. These may include custom maintenance contract templates and contract software support , employment contracts, software adjustment agreements, and independent contractor/contractor contracts.

Model software packages often include sample contracts and practical examples, and your software license guarantees unlimited use of all components.

What a quality contract for software development often entails 

To help you define the scope of services you want to offer your customer, you probably want a software development agreement with an example of a work schedule. This part of the contract clearly defines what this project entails and establishes the rights and responsibilities of each party under the agreement. It can also be related to the context and scope of the project, core tasks and milestones, products to be delivered, cost and payment, organizational and staff requirements, expenses and supporting documents.

Your software development agreement template may also relate to duration and termination, intellectual property, confidential information, warranty and disclaimer, limitation of liability and damages, and relationships between parties. Other necessary clauses may include non-allocation, arbitration, attorney’s fees, divisibility, force majeure, dismissal, and amendment.

Clear expectations of satisfied customers

Using a contract to set expectations early in a software development project protects your business and gives your client a clear picture of what will be involved in the task. It also gives you a step-by-step plan to follow if the project scope changes or if part of the project obviously fails. With your client’s signature on a global contract, you can be sure that you and your client have a legally binding contract. And with this protection, the chance is much higher that you end up with a satisfied customer.

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