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How to solve the IoT data distribution dilemma

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While the Internet of Things has enjoyed dizzying success when it comes to generating capital and public awareness for its furthered proliferation, several hurdles remain in its way. IoT-enthusiast familiar with its staggeringly quick development already know that the data distribution dilemma currently facing the IoT is perhaps its greatest obstacle towards future growth, yet few of them have solutions on how to go about solving this crisis.

So, what exactly is the data distribution dilemma facing the IoT today, and what should governments, businesses, and private actors be doing to overcome this challenge? Solving the IoT’s data distribution nightmare will take serious investments and require new and better standards, but the cost of ignoring this growing predicament is too high to ignore.

A better IoT needs better data distribution

You don’t have to be a tech genius to understand that, more than anything else, the IoT needs a heavy and continuous flow of data to function.Data is essentially the lifeblood in the IoT’s veins and today’s distribution challenges that have arisen in light of the massive amount of info generated – some 25 billion “things” are expected to be connected by 2020 alone – aren’t going anywhere without broad regulatory action and industry investment.

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Article Credit: Network World

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