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Solution Providers: Make IoT Less About ‘Things,’ More About Data Interpretation

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The hottest IT trend on everyone’s mind – the Internet of Things (IoT) – still has glaring security risks that are turning many solution providers off from building their own practices.

However, IoT’s biggest problem is also presenting the greatest opportunity for solution providers to step in with data management expertise, according to a panel of solution providers in the midst of building their own IoT practices who spoke at The Channel Company’s XChange 2017 conference in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday.

David Carter, director of technical solutions for Greenville, S.C.-based solution provider Encore Technology Group, asked the audience of channel partners why they were hesitant to build out their own practices and was met with answers that ranged from confusion around IoT in general, to security being too great an obstacle.

“We haven’t ventured into IoT because solution providers already know what’s wrong. And what’s wrong is there is an inherent lack of focus in providing security around IoT devices,” Carter said.

It’s safe to say that businesses are already seeing a plethora of connected devices. This creates as many opportunities for solution providers as it does vulnerabilities, said John Holman, president and CEO of Pax Advisory, a solution provider and consulting firm.

“As we connect to things in the air, on the surface, and things under the water, what happens now? The more [connection] points you have, the harder it is to monitor,” Holman said.

Solutions Information Systems (Solutions IS) is one solution provider of many in the audience that has yet to build out its own IoT practice, but the company is working on building awareness around IoT within its customer base.

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