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Software maker leaves Russia for India to increase resources and reduce risk

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Commodities trading software company has moved its software development resources to Bangalore from Moscow

Commodity trading software maker Aspect has relocated its IT development teams from Russia to India, through an IT outsourcing deal with Avanade.

Aspect provides businesses such as BP with platforms to manage their oil and metals trades via an internet connection.

The company wanted to put its software development teams in a location where the right skills were, and at the same time, wanted to leave Russia because of political and economic instability.

The company signed an agreement with Accenture’s Avanade business and moved its outsourced IT development testing and delivery operations from Russia to Bangalore in India.

“We used to have our own development centre in Moscow, but last year we made the decision to transition and moved to Avanade in Bangalore,” said Aspect CIO Chetna Bhatia.

“We wanted to take advantage of industrialised processes and have the ability to increase and decrease the numbers of staff depending on demand,” she added.

Avanade now looks after development, testing and some support from Bangalore.

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