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Software development beyond IT

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The how, where, and who of software development are changing quickly, as converging trends are allowing nonspecialists to design and create applications without expert aid. Increasingly popular technologies are empowering businesses to develop their own apps—and that means more speed and agility.

You remember how it was years ago: Anytime your team needed a custom software application that couldn’t be picked up at the local office-supply store, it meant commissioning work from programmers in the IT department. Things have changed—now nearly anyone can develop software.

Indeed, software development, once the realm of highly specialized professionals, is within reach of nearly every department in your company. Thanks to a host of accelerating technology trends—including cloud computing, open-source software, the API economy, and the emergence of low-code platforms—software applications can be developed at lower cost, in a shorter amount of time and by less skilled people. As a result, development is spreading from IT to the business, from developers to “nontraditional developers,” and from big companies to start-ups that can now punch above their weight. Software development is becoming pervasive.

Enterprises are taking advantage of these new possibilities and enabling business-line staff to take application development into their own hands to develop the apps they need themselves. For companies that embrace this new paradigm and manage the entailing risks intelligently, the opportunities to act faster and with more agility are significant. Meanwhile, vendors of monolithic enterprise software face a daunting challenge: What’s the role of one-size-fits-all applications in a world where customers can tailor-make their own apps?

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