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SME sector will have to seek more help in GST regime: SAP

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While the large and semi-large Indian enterprises are close to being GST-ready, the small ones and the MSMEs will have to seek more help, enterprise software maker SAP, revealed.

SAP launched a knowledge-sharing resource centre last year, in partnership with Assocham, to help organisations manage changes in their business processes and information systems post GST roll-out. Since then they have been working with large groups like the Adani Group, Tatas, Reliance, Mahindra & Mahindra and other mid-level groups like LupinBSE 0.50 %, Asian PaintsBSE 1.61 % and other retail companies, making them “GST-ready”.

“The large and level below ones are the ones that are close to getting ready, but a large portion of the triangle is still not where it should be because GST is not about me being ready, it is about everybody around me getting ready to make me ready; all your suppliers need to get linked,

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