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Smart City ERP 1.0 :blurring boundaries between OS and ERP : Part 1

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Demand for smart cities is growing phenomenally. India home of 1 out of 6 people of humanity is planning 500 smart cities.
Of the project 500 smart cities not even 10% are operational. Imagine if extrapolate this demand to full humanity then almost 500 X 6 = 3,000 smart cities would be functioning in this world.

Consider India to be country with low income group actual demand in rest of world may go high by factor of 50%.

or 3,000 + (50%) 1,500 = 4500 Smart cities.

Each of these 5,000 smart cities would be driven by sensors hence IoT /IIoT will be crucial component.

The Intelligence is driven by data analytics which will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence.

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5,000 cities would behave like single Operating systems because each of these will integrate Transportation IoV Internet of vehicle. We hence basic OS principle hardware abstraction layer has to pass command to electromechanical level.

Are this cities governed by centralized systems like ERP 5.0 with AI, Blockchain, AR, IoT as described in article above would require SMART CITY ERP or ERP 5.0. [wth sensors feeding all city data into it through IIoT network.]

Smart city Master plans integrated transportation track electrical/electronic signal controlled by abstraction layer just like in Operating system.
Are we going to see blurring of lines between OS and ERP.

Cloudized ERP like cloud CRM is one step in this direction only. As is devops where we can invoke machine images using program driven interfaces and IoT sensor data ingested into cloud can turn it up into intelligence.

Cloud ERP evoke machines instances like amazon Machines instances AMI instances in case of amazon cloud. Smart city will evoke machines not machine instances.

Or We can see other way around like car OS controlled by algorithms to drive car to destination supplied by smart city ERP using IoV Internet of Vehicle.

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