Big data is the business buzzword right now. Collecting huge amounts of data to make predictions and smart business decisions was once the only in the realm of large corporations. But now, small business wants in.

Eden Gardens, a plant nursery, lifestyle and cafe at Macquarie Park in Sydney, had been collecting data on their customers’ postcodes. But when marketing manager Michael Tate sat down to analyse where his customers were coming from, he realised something was wrong.

The most popular postcode was 999 — it doesn’t exist.

“One of my big issues with the business is quality of data,” Tate told the Huffington Post Australia.

“The less you have your sales team doing stuff, the better the chance of not having errors.”

It turns out sales staff were just punching in 999 to get to the end of the sale, without actually asking for a postcode. But with the use of an app called Daily IQ 2.0, Tate was able to get a much more accurate — and automated — view of where customers lived.

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