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Slow in coming, ERP mobility boosted by cloud, web application tools

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For John Kearns, vice president of finance at IntegraMed America Inc., a specialty healthcare services company based in Purchase, N.Y., ERP mobility lets him take advantage of “front-porch” accounting and finance.

Since 2014, IntegraMed’s 29 clinics, located in large cities across North America, have been running on Intacct cloud ERP.

“We have general ledger, accounts payable, budgeting, forecasting, cash management — we’re trying to move everything up to the cloud,” Kearns said. “The idea is that it’s all accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and on any device.”

Kearns said Intacct allows him to control everything from his front porch with his Apple iPad. “I can run P&Ls [profit and loss statements] for any of my profit centers,” he said. “With Intacct, I can then drill down into the transaction to get to the source document — the invoice or whatever the source document is. I can also approve accounts payable.”

IntegraMed also has a cloud-based travel and expense system, so employees can do their expense reports — and managers can approve them — all from their mobile devices.

Bob Shawgo, content marketing manager at Intacct Corp., based in San Jose, Calif., said his company has a responsive website that automatically fits the size of any device.

When users log into Intacct from their mobile devices, the system brings up an interface designed for mobile that enables them to look at dashboards or do approvals. There’s also a link at the bottom of the screen that will take users to their companies’ full ERP sites, Shawgo said.

ERP mobility not yet widespread

Such executive-level ERP mobility isn’t yet mainstream, said Joel Schneider, president of Liberty Technology Advisors Inc., an IT consulting firm based in Northbrook, Ill.

“It’s there, but it’s not yet heavily used,” Schneider said. “You have to truly make that ERP system for a mobile device. You can’t expect the CEO or CFO or head of sales to start clicking through a hundred screens pretending it’s an ERP system. It has to be a true app.”

While application vendors are making strides in this area, use of mobile ERP is not all that widespread. That’s according to David Rowe, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Rimini Street Inc., an independent provider of ERP support services based in Las Vegas.

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