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Sleeping positions and pillow firmness have close links to your health

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Pillows have very close relationships with their users as evident from numerous instances when people cannot sleep unless they have their favorite pillow under their head. In fact, some people who do not mind carrying their beloved pillow with them when staying away from home for a long duration. Although this might appear a bit crazy, there must not be any doubt that pillows can make you fall asleep comfortably that creates an innate attraction for a pillow that is special to you. For this reason, only you will find pillows for back sleepers created especially to suit their needs and provide the right comfort.

However, the benefits of pillows go beyond the factors of positioning and comfort. Let us discover the underlying relation between pillows and health, which is one of the main reasons to have the pillow meant for your only.

Neck pain and pillow

Keeping your neck extended or bent for long can cause aching, pain, and discomfort. The same can happen if your pillow is too hard or soft, that strains the neck muscles and causes immense pain and discomfort.   Side sleepers choosing soft pillows would face problems because the pillow would not provide proper support under the neck, and the head must extend sideways to meet the pillow.  Similarly, back sleepers have their neck extended backward, and using a firm pillow under the neck will push back the head farther. All such stretching can cause neck pain.

Pillows can result in sleep deprivation

Just as comfortable pillows induce sleep, pillows that do not provide the right support can lead to such discomfort that it becomes impossible to fall asleep. Losing sleep from poor quality pillows or sleeping on pillows that do not function properly in supporting the neck and head can lead to sleepless nights, which can have severe effects on your health. Lack of sleep prevents the body muscles and systems from recovering from the stress, and it can cause sickness. Sleep deprivation affects your memory and thinking besides impacting your mood and appetite. Chronic sleep deprivation is the reason for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, and it increases your risk for falls.

Reduced health problems with special pillows

Those suffering from heartburns could find relief by using special pillows that help to elevate the head to an angle of 30 degrees.  Some people might find wedge pillows effective. Those who suffer from sinus problems would find considerable relief by sleeping in a position that keeps the upper body elevated.  Sleeping in an elevated position is also helpful to treat conditions of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which is a condition in which tiny crystals in the ear gets dislodged and cause severe dizziness.

Specially designed pillows also help people undergoing treatment for sleep apnea, a condition that stops breathing intermittently during sleep. The pillows are designed in such a way with cutouts that people can put on the CPAP masks when sleeping so that it does not get knocked off. The pillows facilitate the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment.

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