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As businessmen and women, we need to make tough decisions. When this happens, we’re advised to sleep on it. Why? Well, I’ve discovered that sleep helps us arrive at the best decision before we wake up the following day. This finding was according to research by done scientists from the top universities in the country.

While this may sound pretty easy, in reality, a majority of us do not get enough sleep. With the increased workload and endless meetings, there’s just no room for rest. As I went on my research, I had a chance to interview one of the editors from Together, we discovered different ways how sleep affects the decision-making skills of various company heads.

It Affects Your Focus and Concentration

Do you feel like you’re losing focus while at work? I bet you keep drifting off from time to time right? Well, you’re not ill, at least not yet. Instead, you’re suffering from a condition that affects a lot of business owners today. It’s one of the awful effects of lack of sleep!

Unfortunately, it affects even the way you make decisions. For instance, you can’t follow up on different ideas to separate the best from the worst. You’ll also take too much time while reading company documents which need your signature and approval.

Brain Function and Memory

Sufficient sleep gives your brain enough time to process and store information collected during the day. So, as a manager, you’ll need to provide yourself with at least 6 hours of sleep. This will help you to wake up feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.

However, I know that a good number of managers sleep for only 3 to 5 hours! Of course, most of them feel like this is such a tremendous achievement. The truth is, by not giving your brain enough time to ‘recover,’ you end up forgetting important information. Keep in mind that every detail is important if you’re going to make the best decisions even in tight situations.

Sleep Gets Rid of Fatigue

It’s tough to work when you’re feeling tired. When you’re feeling worn out, especially after a long day, the best thing is to give your body uninterrupted rest. In doing so, you wake up feeling more energetic. Here, I should point out that as you sleep, your body is continuously repairing damaged tissues and muscles.

So, when you don’t sleep all through the night, you’re merely carrying that fatigue to the next day. As a result, your muscles will be still in pain during the day while other sensitive parts of the body remain sore. Do you think you can make any groundbreaking decisions in such a situation?

Enough Sleep Keeps Your Body Generally Healthy

Research shows that enough rest during the night plays a huge role in maintaining our bodies in perfect condition. It helps the body in different processes from digestion to respiration. Besides, relaxing and repairing worn out tissues and muscles prevents back, neck or shoulder pains.

When you’re in such ‘top form’ you’ll perform to the best of your abilities. You’ll be ‘sharp’ and act fast when it comes to solving company emergencies or when negotiating with clients.

Sleep is not something that should be ignored when it affects our decision-making skills. While it’s not easy being a Chief Executive Officer, remember that there’s very little that you can do when your body is tired. So, if you’re a business owner who’s not getting sufficient sleep, these tips will help you in making just the right decisions.

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