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Signs Your Company is Ready for a New ERP Solution

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Most companies starting out can usually track, and manage, their operations in spreadsheets and off the shelf accounting packages. As they grow, they typically add specialized applications as needed and when budgets permit, all while continuing to work in spreadsheets.

This works for a short time, until the company starts growing and realizes the manual effort, and cost, involved in tracking day-to-day financial and operational information. At some point, senior management realizes the organization needs an end-to end ERP system. This decision can be based on production needs, but the lack of financial visibility in the company tends to be the key driver in buying an ERP system.

Some of the signs you might be ready for an ERP solution include:

Disorganization among departments
IT struggling to keep up with different servers, databases and operating systems
• Few people know how to perform critical tasks
• Manual report assembly
• Too much time and effort involved in reporting with spreadsheets

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