Business owners know they’re only as good as their reputation. That holds for big businesses as well. But sometimes having a good reputation is a hurdle to overcome. SAP (NYSE:SAP), a global software company, for instance, has a sterling reputation for providing some of the best software for businesses — big businesses.

The truth is, however, SAP has developed several programs aimed squarely at the small business market. Last month at the SAP Global Partner Summit, I got an overview of SAP’s products. Here’s some of what I learned.

SAP for Small Business

SAP Anywhere

SAP Anywhere is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution specifically designed for businesses with less than $10 million in sales. It enables small businesses to sell wholesale or retail, B2B or B2C, and integrates with both Amazon and eBay sales platforms.

There are a lot of components to SAP Anywhere, including inventory management, customer service, order management, eCommerce, multi-channel sales, mobile POS, CRM, marketing and social media and more.

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