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The Secret Ingredient To Successful Analytics Career Transition

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When I started mentoring Paul, a career transition trainee, his background quickly thrilled me: teaching, office manager for a distribution enterprise, experience with lab performance testing, actor, writer; the list went on and on. I knew he was an excellent candidate for transition to an analytics career and the results of his analytics aptitude assessment supported that conclusion. In fact, he said he enjoyed the test and remarked on how easy it was for him (another validation that he was on the right path!).

But as he did his homework, researching jobs that might be right for him, he became discouraged. He focused on the holes in his resume rather than the skills he could bring to the table. Instead of showing his bright side, he fell into the trap of thinking he wasn’t good enough.

Paul is not alone in his thinking. Many trainees, in spite of having the feeling of ease with numbers and patterns,  having aced their aptitude test and their training, still fall in this conflicted mindset. They believe in the little voice from their pragmatic mind which says “you are not good enough” instead of relaxing in the ease of their knowing that they love analytics and analyzing.

If you’re one of the many people considering or in the midst of the transition to an analytics career, here’s how to quiet that pesky inner voice of doom.

Focus on what you know, not what you don’t

No one perfectly matches all the job requirements for a position. But a positive, can-do attitude can close the gap. It’s a cliché but true: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.

Plus, career transition doesn’t mean leaping from one role to another. Career transition is a process that builds on your strengths until your path becomes clear.

As we talked, Paul realized he had made chasms out of the small gaps he saw in his resume, gaps that could be easily handled with training and a positive outlook. It’s all about your mindset and focusing on the positive.

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