Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

I’ve been reading and writing daily about the Internet of Things (IoT) for about a month, and I have not found ground truth. I’m not new to the field, but now focused on IoT I am trying to find a relative measure of the importance of IoT developments.

One of the definitions of ground truth in the Oxford Dictionary is:

“Information obtained by direct observation of a real system, as opposed to a model or simulation; a set of data that is considered to be accurate and reliable, and is used to calibrate a model, algorithm, procedure, etc.”

Calibrating the development of the IoT with ground truths that match the 20 billion to 50 billion forecasted devices requires a departure into the leap-of-faith lane. This is not pessimism, but a lack of published information that probably does not exist outside of research papers.

Abundant ground truth in the smart home

Consumer IoT, the smart home and perhaps the smart building are a bright place in the IoT darkness, with abundant sources of ground truth. The semi-smart things in our homes will become smart and interconnected using proven technologies around hubs that are managed with smartphones and personal assistants like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Most home devices can easily be plugged in or recharged. Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-connected light bulbs that turn on and off and change hue, thermostats, and smoke and CO2 detectors are logical extensions of the use cases for these devices that consumers already understand.

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