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Established in 1969, Scatolificio 2G is an innovative Italian packaging company specialising in unique cardboard box design. It descended from Scatolificio Alessandro Bettin, which produced seed boxes for plant nurseries. The company then evolved into manufacturing shoe boxes, due to demand from the booming shoe businesses in local towns. They then diversified further and now Scatolificio 2G caters for a large number of different companies, designing personalised packaging for their products.

Diverse Client Base

From bangles to bowties, publications to plaques, Scatolificio 2G offers packaging solutions to a wide range of leading Italian manufactures. Any product based business needs to consider how to box and present their goods and Scatolificio 2G pride themselves on their ability to create diverse, individualised packaging to meet the needs of each of their specific clients. They list erotic toys, costume jewellery and alcohol as some of the many products they have designed and produced boxes for and are constantly evolving and experimenting with new ideas.

Stunning Design

A product’s packaging is the first thing a customer sees of their purchase so it needs to be eye-catching, appealing and memorable. Scatolificio 2G work collaboratively with their clients to design and produce product boxes for them that suit their brand and are attractive and on trend, ensuring that their customer’s first impression is a great one.


Although Scatolificio 2G is known for their cardboard box designs, they do use other materials in their products. The vast range of businesses that they work with means that they can not always use the same stuff to make their packaging and they need to be innovative with the materials they include. They make sure they source the highest quality materials for their packaging and that they are appropriate for the products they will be housing, taking into account budgets, style and practicality.

Personalised Packaging

Scatolificio 2G makes individualised boxes for businesses to match their brand, budget and products. They can also produce limited edition and gift boxes for celebrating those special occasions in style. Working closely with their clients throughout the design process ensures that Scatolificio 2G provide excellent packaging that is uniquely personalised.

The Design Process

The design process begins with a meeting to discuss the client’s needs and requirements. Taking these into account, Scatolificio 2G will then develop, present and discuss their proposal. Once this has been approved they will quickly build a prototype so the client is able to see and touch the packaging and make any last minute checks. When the final design has been agreed on, the boxes can go into series production and then are packaged and shipped out using Scatolificio 2G’s own vehicles.

Scatolificio 2G pride themselves on constantly experimenting and evolving to provide exceptional designs for any businesses that require packaging for their products. Their wealth of industry experience and the emphasis they place on building a close working relationship with their clients ensures that the packaging they produce perfectly accentuates and compliments the goods they contain.

By Sohel Ather

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