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SAS analytics to power Clemson’s big data and cyber efforts

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Clemson University’s bold research goals and thousands of students and professors have gained a powerful ally — analytics leader SAS. Through a new educational partnership, SAS and Clemson will provide research, software, services and funding to the university’s Watt Family Innovation Center.

The Watt Center vision is to transform student lives and the academic campus. Thanks to the new partnership, professors, students and researchers can access and apply advanced SAS Analytics, business intelligence, cybersecurity and data management software toward that mission. SAS also will provide teaching materials, onsite training for faculty and staff, and help developing analytical programs.

Professors will be able to easily integrate SAS software into coursework, giving students hands-on experience with this highly marketable skill. In fact, a study of 54 million employee profiles on identified “Knowledge of SAS” as the No. 1 career skill that translates into salary bumps.

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