SAP study
SAP study
SAP study

SAP study-SAP SE have published research findings from a study commissioned by SAP and conducted by leading industry analyst Forrester Consulting. The report suggests that intelligent technologies are critical for supporting digital transformation in the enterprise.

SAP commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the adoption of intelligent technologies and how they’re supporting digital transformation. To explore this topic, Forrester conducted an online survey of 747 respondents. The respondents are all digital transformation and intelligent technology decision makers from consumer products, discrete manufacturing, retail, and utilities companies. To qualify, companies had to meet two important innovation criteria. Firstly, they must be actively undergoing digital transformation. Second, have implemented at least two innovation technologies – machine learning, internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual or augmented reality.

The study found that as companies seek competitive advantages, they are prioritising innovation technologies. As such, these companies are implementing or have already implemented innovation technologies to drive digital transformation:

  • The IoT: 92 percent
  • Artificial Intelligence: 78 percent
  • Machine learning: 77 percent
  • Augmented reality/virtual reality: 70 percent
  • Blockchain: 68 percent

Intelligent technologies key Findings

  • Focus on innovation drives digitalisation.

Leaders in this study, regardless of their industry, focus on innovation across the business, have implemented at least two innovation technologies, prioritised digital transformation, and engage in several activities to enable digital priorities simultaneously.

  • Innovation technologies fuel digitalisation.

Up to 93% of those surveyed consider innovation technologies key to achieving their transformation goals. With an eagerness to understand where these technologies add the most value, companies are enabling a wide range of activities using intelligent technologies. However, the study found that deploying combinations of intelligent technology maximizes their value.

  • Intelligent enterprises require intelligent technology.

Becoming an intelligent enterprise is about connecting people, processes, data, and technologies to accelerate digital transformation, to improve customer engagement, and to invent new revenue streams. Achieving all of this is not easy, and companies need the right tools to succeed.

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Article Credit: Enterprise Times

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