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SAP S/4HANA Cloud announce update

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The SAP/4HANA cloud has launched its 1808 update, which particularly develops the platform’s AI capabilities

The update to SAP’s ERP solution will see businesses that use the cloud platform be able to synchronise capacity and materials planning, reducing inventory demands by up to 45% whilst also improving customer service levels.

Also, clients will see more transparency in regards to availability of resources for upcoming projects.

This will all be made possible thanks to a host of new AI-powered scenarios, including capacity evaluation, quality management analytics, staffing analysis and expense capping.

The development of AI capabilities is also being aided by the firm’s certification for Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning.

Clients of the German multinational software corporation, SAP, that could benefit from the update include SMA Railway Technology, Beyond Technologies and Topcon. These firms are already enjoying reduced total cost of ownership, less IT hassle and faster business decisions through real-time information.

SAP S/4HANA have assured these customers and others that the update will ensure they have the “most intelligent manufacturing cloud” on the market today.

Recently, the firm became the first to cloud service to receive C5 attestation, which supports stringent compliance requirements.

SAP’s UK and Ireland operations are based in Middlesex.

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