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SAP partners developing IP to accommodate ‘post-modern ERP’

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More VARs and SIs are building IP as SAP pushes partners to develop AI, machine learning innovations


SAP channel partners are seeing increasing opportunity in IP development, with the vendor also pushing partners of all types, from traditional resellers to SIs, in that direction.

For example, SAP partner HCL Technologies is a traditional SI working on building out its ISV practice. During SAP’s Global Partner Summit in Orlando, FL this week, the SI told Channelnomics that with the prevalence of cloud and convergence of technologies, the world of systems integration is changing dramatically.

“There are some fundamentals that have changed in the marketplace,” Shawn Brodersen, global CTO, SAP enterprise digital practice, HCL, told Channelnomics. “SAP has a very mature customer base already. They’re on their journey to adopting [S/4HANA, SAP’s intelligent ERP suite,] as a new digital core. But the way in which customers see and use S4 as a platform itself appears to be shifting, and there’s more of an adoption towards a post-modern ERP approach or framework to implementing technologies, so that as companies become more agile, they can simplify the core.”

However, this doesn’t mean customers don’t have unique business requirements or unique gaps in software that need to be filled, Brodersen added. He said that’s where the platform comes in, and, therefore, if you’re going to move that out to the cloud, as an SI you need to bring IP and value-add to the customers.

And with the automation trend also making an impact in this space, developing IP is an increasingly important way for solution providers to continue delivering value as some of their traditional services can be automated.

“Take that [automation] concept and put it into any service industry, including the industry that we’re in, which is providing service and support for applications and infrastructure. If you get rid of level 1, level 1.5 help desk scenarios or service desk scenarios because you’ve been able to automate that with technology, then how do we replace that with high-value services, premium services, Innovation-as-a-Service?” Brodersen said.

“You need to have IP. You need to have products. You need to have a different channel to build that.”

When it comes to enabling intelligent enterprises, which was a large focus of SAP Global Partner Summit, Karl Fahrbach, SVP, global head of channels, SAP, says developing IP is one of the largest opportunities facing partners.

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