Thu. Jul 22nd, 2021
SAP Platform

SAP Platform-SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced more powerful platform capabilities and embedded intelligence in applications, setting customers on the fastest path to turn data into business value. The announcement was made at the SAP® TechEd conference being held September 24–26 in Las Vegas and the Strata Data Conference being held September 23–26 in New York City.

“There is growing demand from our customers and partners to easily extend and integrate their solutions as well as build completely new apps,” said Juergen Mueller, chief technology officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “They also want to bring their infrastructure-as-a-service of choice. With the business technology platform, we will give customers the highest level of openness and flexibility to do this — also in terms of deployment models.”

Mueller added: “By addressing the key technology markets of database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, and intelligence, SAP will deliver one of the best technological foundations customers have ever experienced.”

Unique Platform and First Solutions Now Available to Turn Data into Business Value

Customers are free to focus on business needs rather than technical building blocks when they have a complete business technology platform. By connecting business processes and experiences, customers can make confident decisions with integrity and continue to drive innovation in the cloud, on premise, at the edge and in hybrid deployment models. By offering an open platform, SAP continues to grow its ecosystem and embrace partner solutions to offer complementary value to our customers.

SAP Cloud Platform is a key pillar of the business technology platform. It is SAP’s integration and extension platform that helps bridge the gap between piloting intelligent technologies such as machine learning (ML) and the IoT and embedding them into core business processes.

  • SAP Data Intelligence is the first enterprise cloud service with an end-to-end lifecycle for data management and machine learning. Technologies such as machine learning and data orchestration deliver a wealth of meaningful business insights — from understanding customer churn and consumer behavior to manufacturing predictions. Harnessing this information is often challenging when it is spread across an array of disparate tools. Using SAP Data Intelligence, customers can transform data from different sources into critical insight to drive better business outcomes. It also allows them to adapt the latest trends and technology by combining the SAP Data Hub solution and SAP Leonardo® Machine Learning Foundation into one integrated cloud offering, making use of established open source frameworks such as TensorFlow. Announced as a beta offering in May at the SAPPHIRE NOW® conference, SAP Data Intelligence is now generally available. Get more information here.

“With SAP Data Intelligence, we see huge potential to speed up development and operations of machine learning projects and manage the orchestration of complex data across our landscape,” said Robert Kriehs, senior solution architect, Daimler AG. “We can ensure our AI/ML projects can make it into production, the data can be managed and our models can be easily retrained, and we can apply lifecycle management to the data and the models.”

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