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SAP made a mistake on its own blog – mobile platform to survive

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SAP made a mistake

SAP made a mistake

An announcement from January 31st pointed out that support ends for the SAP Mobile Platform on December 31st, 2020, but added news that “we do not plan to offer Extended Maintenance.”

SAP will offer “customer-specific maintenance”, an ongoing paid service as the default option for customers. The service offers “customer-specific problem resolution” but no new code and “no legal changes”.

In a colossal non-surprise, the post also mentions SAP’s Cloud Extension model as a fine alternative. Indeed, the company kindly gave its users three reasons to consider it: lower costs, the flow of new features and integration with the rest of SAP.

Paying to keep an application on life support versus adopting a product your vendor actually cares about isn’t much of a choice.

With three years to decide on one option or the other, The Register imagines SAP Mobile users’ decisions won’t be hard to predict, despite the company’s wares often being so fundamental to business that changes are contemplated with trepidation. ®

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 5th: SAP has been in touch to say the announcement we reported was “not correct.”

We’re now told that “SAP will continue to deliver incremental quality enhancements to customers’ existing on-premises investments in SAP Mobile Platform per SAP terms and conditions. All customers with active maintenance agreements can expect the SAP Mobile Platform to be supported per SAP guidelines.”

The company added that “SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services has been SAP’s primary solution for mobile app development and delivery for the past few years” and lauded it as offering all sorts of stuff organisations that are serious about mobility need to consider.

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Article Credit: The Register

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