Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

SAP announced the creation of a digital ecosystem with the SAP Leonardo portfolio exclusively for India.

To fuel the trillion-dollar digital economy of India by 2025, SAP is collaborating with technology powerhouses to extend a holistic innovation system and initiatives across industries, said the company. The announcement was made at the SAP Leonardo Executive Summit held in Mumbai.

Named after Leonardo-da-Vinci, the world famous versatile artist, sculptor, scientist, it perfectly suits SAP’s digital innovation platform of integrated technologies. SAP converges transformational and emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchains, and Analytics to one platform. Previously, the tech was available as different technologies operated in silos. With this offering, SAP will enable companies to rapidly innovate and embed digital innovation into all their applications and business processes.

In other words, Leonardo is a one-stop shop for digital technology including IoT, Analytics, Big Data, Blockchains, and Machine Learning. Assessing and provisioning of new technology becomes easier and planned. Enterprises could reduce capital costs accrued for technology acquisition. It also translates into reduced time for rapid decision-making.

“Technology is transforming at a far more rapid pace than ever and organizations can no longer afford to wait and watch how the digital technology innovations will change things – they need to take control of doing digital now,” said Deb Deep Sengupta, President and Managing Director, SAP India Subcontinent. “Digital companies are achieving higher revenue and profitability, while simultaneously keeping costs low, achieving significant business value. SAP recognizes the urgency to fast track digitization and with SAP Leonardo, we aim to help our customers drive business transformation.”

SAP India has built a consortium of industry and solutions partners to power India Inc. that will deliver real business impact in the digital economy. The partners are spread across six focus areas such as Connected Products, Connected Assets, Connected Fleet, Connected Infrastructure, Connected Markets and Connected People. Through this ecosystem, SAP will deliver innovation capabilities and services that integrate with core business applications so that customers can seamlessly bridge between operating and innovating.

SAP also announced the IoT Connect 365 at the event. Connectivity among people, machines, and things is increasing exponentially. Enabling this connect among billions of people and things represents tremendous opportunity for mobile network operators. SAP IoT Connect 365 is a managed, cloud-based service that simplifies IoT connectivity by enabling them to connect with enterprise, governments and people to leverage technologies that can drive out supply chain inefficiencies and sub-optimal asset utilization.

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