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SAP Leonardo Functional Services For SAP Cloud

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The phenomenon digital transformation is about how new technologies have impacted the expectations and the behavior of people. Internet, mobile phones and artificial intelligence have changed a lot, and at the same time, change is happening ever more quickly.

SAP Leonardo Services

SAP Leonardo Services

SAP Leonardo Services- Many SAP customers ask themselves how they can approach innovation, according to the authors of “SAP Leonardo“ (SAP Press). SAP’s approach, however, is an innovation platform which connects the digital core and the digital innovation system.

The digital core usually is an ERP system. It consists of software components with which all core processes of a company can be carried out. A digital innovation system, however, contains special software components with which development can be made faster without interrupting the core processes.

If you integrate both systems, an innovative theory can be put into practice. The digital innovation platform is a cloud-based platform consisting of modern technologies, so-called Functional Services.

The foundation for the digital innovation platform is SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). Since May 2015, SAP has been extending its Hana Cloud Platform with services for IoT. It aims to support the entire IoT supply chain from sensors and data analysis to application development and integration.

Based on SCP and Hana, IoT backend systems can be established which are easily integratable with other SAP solutions.

SCP and multi-cloud as a platform

By order of Virtustream, Forrester Consulting has conducted a worldwide survey titled “Multicloud Arises from Changing Cloud Priorities“. In the course of this survey, Forrester found out that more and more companies are considering a multi-cloud strategy. What is more, 60 percent of respondents have stated that they have already transferred mission-critical applications to the cloud or are in the very process of doing so.

Consequently, the investments in cloud technology and resources are increasing because companies focus more and more on the migration of mission-critical applications to the cloud.

At this year‘s DSAG technology days, Bjoern Goerke, CTO at SAP, presented SAP’s multi-cloud concept based on SCP and in collaboration with Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

“Multi-cloud is giving a clear direction for the next era of cloud computing, whether it is used to balance out risks or to leverage the application options from different cloud platforms,“ Deepak Patil, SVP of Product and Technology at Virtustream, said regarding the results of the Forrester survey.

Forrester’s analysts pointed out that for future cloud strategies, companies have to be careful to better match cloud technologies with important business goals. When asked about this year’s business goals for the cloud, 42 percent of respondents stated that operational efficiency was the number one priority, then innovation and revenue growth. Most companies use a multi-cloud strategy to optimize performance and achieve their goals.

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