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SAP IS Retail integration with hybris Commerce Suite

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Dear SAP Retail customer and partners,

End of September 2015 SAP has further improved the integration betweek SAP IS Retail and hybris Commerce:

SAP hybris Commerce, integration package for SAP for Retail 1.x is an add-on for version 5.6 of SAP hybris Commerce.

The integration package is available free of charge to anyone with an SAP hybris Commerce license, and both the software and documentation are available on DVD or from SAP Software Download Center at (> under Installations and Upgrades, search the alphabetical index for SAP INDUSTRY PACK RETAIL).

The add-on provides the replication of article master data from SAP Retail via Data Hub to hybris Commerce. The replication covers single articles, generic articles including variants, and classification data based on a merchandise category hierarchy.

This addon is only the most recent step in a continous improvement of SAP Retail integration with the hybris Commerce Suite.

In past hybris releases, starting from version 5.3, many SAP/hybris integration capabilities have been shipped, that are applicable to Retail.

Please find a collection below with links to the hybris WIKI documentation (only accessible for hybris customers and partners):

Master Data:

  • Transfer of standard materials and IS-Retail single articles to hybris (hybris 5.3)
  • Transfer of variants of IS-Retail generic articles (w/o header) from ERP to hybris (hybris 5.4)
  • NEW Transfer of IS Retail Generic articles, merch hierarchy to hybris (hybris 5.6 with SAP Retail Industry Addon 1.0 for hybris Commerce 5.6)
  • Transfer of plant ID from ERP to hybris (hybris 5.5)
  • Transfer of hybris customer records to ERP (5.3) to become ERP debitor master
    • including customer data changes (5.4)

Prices / Discounts / Bonus Buy:

  • Transfer of Prices, discounts from standard ERP to hybris (hybris 5.3)
  • Transfer of IS-Retail Bonus Buy conditions to hybris (hybris 5.4)
  • Transfer of Tax indicator to hybris (hybris 5.5)

Order Management:

  • Asynchronous Order Management (order created in hybris)
    • Transfer of hybris orders to ERP via iDoc (hybris 5.3)
    • Transfer of SD order status from ERP to hybris via iDoc (hybris 5.3)
    • Change header, delete complete orders in hybris or ERP (hybris 5.4)
    • Support of synchronous calls from hybris to ERP -> targeted to B2B scenarios though
      • Customer specific prices and discounts (hybris 5.4 with ERP EhP7)
      • ATP-Check (5.5)
      • Scale prices (5.5)
      • Credit Limit Check (5.5)

Stay tuned for updates.


Best regards,


Dr. Ingo Woesner

Global Director, Outbound Product Management Retail Omni-Channel


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