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SAP to the fore as Cloud Foundry grows into the preferred platform for cloud-native enterprise apps

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For those that haven’t been paying attention, (and I for one certainly don’t blame you!) Cloud Foundry might seem to be just another niche software product hatched by a consortium of companies seeking to simplify application development while conveniently promoting their products (from VMware, and to a lesser extent EMC, in this case) as the preferred foundations for next-generation applications.

However, as with many projects that are opened up to a community of contributors, Cloud Foundry has evolved into something far more significant than if had it remained a proprietary software development product.

Under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, Cloud Foundry has amassed an army of developers, spawned scores of sub-components, enlisted many important technology partners and subsequently earned the trust of half the Fortune 500, all of whom were out in force at the organization’s annual Summit this month. With over 100 sessions and 1600 attendees, the Cloud Foundry Summit has grown into a notable technology event.

Now under an independent foundation with a dedicated staff, multiple sponsors and a formal governance structure, Cloud Foundry has emerged as a catalyst for next-generation enterprise applications and associated agile development processes. Cloud Foundry Foundation executives are fond of touting the project’s growth, citing over 64 member companies and 2,400 contributors making 51,000 code commits as proxies for its waxing influence on business IT.

Cloud Foundry means business

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