Data is most valuable when it’s in the hands of business users. Challenged to stay ahead of the massive changes that are disrupting the marketplace, businesses are turning the vast amounts of data distributed across their enterprise into insights and outcomes to drive material return on investment (ROI). Bengaluru-based Teknoleum Solutions is one such firm that highlights the strategic utility of data to gain real-time insights and boost efficiencies in an increasingly data-driven oil and gas sector. It has developed an innovative cloud-based Internet of Things solution for connected solar farms, called PV2, which leverages the power of SAP HANA to increase solar photovoltaic plant output and decrease operations and maintenance costs.

“We are a team of SAP product development experts. Our solution is an IoT app for photo voltaic plant management that monitors solar plant performance patterns to estimate soiling losses,” said Shashidhar Peddi, delivery head, Teknoleum Solutions.

Hero Future Energies (HFE), a fast-growing independent power producer, too has adopted SAP HANA to bring about digital transformation through end-to-end business process integration and provide operational, financial efficiencies across 25 project sites in India. A part of the Hero Group and with presence in nearly 10 states across India, HFE is focused on futuristic and clean energy through successful implementation of wind, solar and rooftop solar projects in the country.

Deployable on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform developed and marketed by German enterprise software maker SAP. It processes high volumes of operational and transactional data in real-time. “It lets you accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify your IT environment,” said Paul Marriott, chief operating officer, SAP Asia Pacific Japan. “It’s not just large and mid-sized Indian enterprises, there are hundreds of start-ups building and running applications on SAP HANA and they are trying to create disruptive business solutions.”

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