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SAP ERP vs. Oracle ERP: Which system is best for you?

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When researching potential new ERP systems, SAP and Oracle are probably two of the most common options that you will come across. This is partially due to the two vendors’ market share, high adoption rates among blue chip and Fortune 1000 companies, and their established presence in the industry.

SAP and Oracle are certainly not the only two options available to potential buyers of enterprise software, but they are often the most considered and evaluated systems, especially among large organizations looking for maximum scalability and breadth of functionality. Yet, while the two have similarities, they also have many differences.

The most recent study from Panorama Consulting Solutions LLC outlined those differences. We surveyed nearly 500 organizations across the globe that had recently implemented leading ERP systems for “Clash of the Titans 2017.” The study outlined some interesting findings for those wanting to differentiate between the two behemoths.

When looking at SAP ERP vs. Oracle ERP, it’s important to note the commonalities first.

  • Both have very similar average implementation durations, with companies reporting an average duration of approximately two years (23 months for SAP and 25 months for Oracle).

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