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SAP data as a service helps wine shop seek truth about customers

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SAP DCI data as a service helps New York’s Veritas Studio Wines understand who their customers are and where they live.

The old saying in vino veritas basically means the more wine that’s consumed, the more the truth comes out. Many businesses are learning that veritas can be found through big data analytics and proper governance, allowing them to derive truthful insights in new and innovative ways.

But big data usage is generally seen as the domain of large enterprises, because only they have the IT resources to manage and exploit such large amounts of data. That’s not the case anymore, as demonstrated by Veritas Studio Wines. The small, independent wine shop in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City was able to use big data to discover some veritas about their customers, leading to better customer service and a healthier business.

But Veritas Studio didn’t have to create, own, store or govern any of their data. That was all done through a data-as-a-service product called SAP Digital Consumer Insight (DCI).

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