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SAP and Microsoft Partner by Offering Interoperability between SAP Fiori Mobile Service and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

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SAP and Microsoft Partner by Offering Interoperability

The SAP mobility team has been busy building a new cloud-based service designed to optimize the mobile experience for customers deploying SAP Fiori, the user experience (UX) for SAP applications. This solution, known as SAP Fiori mobile service, provides a no-code option for customers to quickly build mobile SAP Fiori apps using SAP technologies and tools that connect to on-premise SAP environments. The completed SAP Fiori apps can then be deployed to end users via any Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution including SAP Mobile Secure, SAP Afaria or Microsoft Intune.


Through our long time partnership with Microsoft, SAP has been keenly interested in finding ways to interoperate SAP Mobile products with Microsoft products. Early in the process of developing this solution, we recognized that SAP and Microsoft have a number of customers in common, of which some have chosen to deploy Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).


We are pleased to announce that customers will be able to create custom SAP Fiori mobile apps and deploy those apps to end users via Microsoft Intune. Using the SAP Fiori mobile service SAP will enable customers to build custom mobile apps that combine SAP Fiori HTML5 apps with additional native capabilities using the Apache Cordova framework. During the custom app build process, which is initiated by the customer, we will dynamically retrieve third party Cordova plugins, such as a Microsoft Cordova plugin encapsulating the Intune SDK, that allows the app to be managed with Microsoft Intune.


SAP’s Senthil Krishnapillai, VP and head Of Mobile Secure Development & Products at SAP, stated “SAP is focused on helping customers mobilize and deploy their custom SAP Fiori apps across diverse customer environments. We are pleased to announce the interoperability of SAP Fiori mobile service, which was recently announced at SAP TechEd, and SAP Mobile Place with Microsoft Intune. We believe this innovative way of allowing our customers to build rich mobile applications using SAP’s mobile offerings as well our partner’s technologies, is the best way to leverage our customer’s investment in SAP Fiori apps while offering great mobile user experience for our customers.”


We accomplish this process by simplifying how custom SAP Fiori apps are first published to SAP Mobile Place, SAP’s enterprise app store. We then further distribute the apps via Microsoft Intune. This interoperability of SAP Mobile Place and Microsoft Intune will benefit administrators and end users alike.


The key aspects of this interoperability effort are:

  1. Using SAP Fiori mobile service, customers will be able to add Cordova plug-ins from third parties, generating a custom SAP Fiori app.
  2. SAP and Microsoft have been building and testing a Cordova plug-in that encapsulates the Intune SDK. Once this Cordova plug-in is added as part of the custom SAP Fiori app by the customer, it can be managed in an Intune EMS environment.
  3. Customers will be able to include the Intune Cordova plug-in into a custom SAP Fiori mobile app, build the app and then publish the custom SAP Fiori app to SAP’s enterprise app store, SAP Mobile Place.
  4. IT administrators will then be able to use Microsoft EMS to deploy the custom Fiori app to their end users.


SAP expects to roll out this integration gradually, with a beta program beginning in early 2016. If you are an SAP Fiori customer who is considering or has already deployed Microsoft EMS and would be like to be considered for our early adopter program, please contact us via email at

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