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Salesforce Report Looks at What Makes IT Departments Successful

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Cloud computing and other technology advances have shifted IT’s role in the enterprise from a cost center to adding business value. That’s one of the conclusions from the latest State of IT report released April 26 by

“We continue to see an industry trend accelerating where IT overall is moving from a cost center to a value driver,” Dylan Steele, vice president of platform marketing at Salesforce, told eWEEK. “From a technology standpoint, you see IT really delivering bottom line value and ROI when it’s focused on the customer experience in things like reduced service times.”
For this year’s report Salesforce broke out what it identified as high-, low- and under-performing IT departments based on how IT teams described their own operations. Only 15 to 18 percent rated themselves as high performers versus their peers.

Steele says the results reflect the importance of investing and focusing on customer experience. In the survey, 94 percent of high performers said their job was about enabling better customer experience and 74 percent of all respondents concurred.

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