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Is Salesforce Getting Serious About the Back Office?

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Even as Salesforce aggressively seeks to consolidate its position as the leader of cloud-based front-office applications via a series of acquisitions, it is possible that 2017 could be the year the company uses some of the same purchases to make a strategic move. Salesforce soon may become a major player in the back-office financial management and enterprise resource planning market as well.

Speculation that Salesforce might expand its offerings to address the back-office needs of its corporate customers has been plentiful for a long time. Bridging the gap between front- and back-office applications has been the dream of corporate executives forever.

Prior to the advent of cloud-based Software as a Service solutions, most enterprises turned to Oracle and SAP to fill that need, with a complex and costly set of on-premises applications.

However, as the demands of the marketplace intensified with the emergence of e-commerce, globalization and the Internet of Things, the previous generation of legacy applications, which required extensive customization, fell short of meeting the needs of many enterprises.

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