A year ago Salesforce.com launched Financial Services Cloud for financial planners and wealth advisors. Now the Customer Relationship Management company has enhanced that service by adding elements of artificial intelligence designed to proactively inform financial advisors of their client’s overall “wealth ecosystem” and opportunities to sell more services.

“Financial advisors have more data than they know what to do with. They’ve typed in so much information, now it’s time to make it actionable,” Rohit Mahna, vice president and general manager of Financial Services at Salesforce, told eWEEK. “The opportunity here in financial services is to make the agent smarter with more data at their fingertips.”

The core change with the addition of Einstein AI is a redesigned screen layout that gives the advisor a more graphic or Google Maps-like view of a client’s household and related entities, for example, a business they may own, a family trust and other sources of income.

In a demonstration, Salesforce showed how the system would highlight changes in a client’s financial profile, such as new sources of income or the expansion of a business they own.

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